Colossi is a frame builder with a difference. Strictly hand built frames with a focus on quality rather than quantity.The brand is built on strong Dutch heritage in the form of Jan Kole, a former professional cyclist hailing from the south of Holland. Jan competed in many prestigeous European races throughout his career. Whilst being heavily involved in cycling professionally, he became passionate towards the art of bicycle frame building.

Initially starting out as a distribution company in Holland, Colossi began its formation into the company it is today when the Colossi work shop was setup in Shenzhen, China in 2005. This was done for two reasons. To be close to the supply of frame materials and to save on costs whilst not sacrificing on quality. This decision to base in China enabled Colossi to become a premier frame builder offering competitive pricing on expertly built frames.

From the start, Jan's mantra towards frame building has been to offer high quality frames without sacrifice. Jan and his team strive to make frames which suits the individual rider, rather than the market.

Colossi runs out of the one shop, split into two build departments. A customised handmade department which focuses on one off custom frame and forks, whilst the other a production handmade department which builds frames from Colossi’s catalogue of stock frame

In the customised handmade department everything is made to order. The tubing is mitred by hand, filed by hand and brazed or welded by hand. Each build is overseen by one of Colossi’s master builders with the frames having to pass through various stages of quality control along the way. Only silver brazing material is used on lugged or fillet brazed frames. Every frame is approached individually, One by one, no shortcuts.

In the production handmade department, tubing is milled instead of filled by hand as measurements are standardised. The same materials are used in both departments, including the silver brazing material, the process is just structured around higher volumes of builds. This does not change the build approach however, with attention still being paid to each individual frame.

The final finishing stage of painting is done using Dupoint paint to the customers specification, also in house.

Colossi's approach is not to satisfy every consumer, preferring rather to delight the few that appreciate a bespoke approach to frame building.



The Cheeko is TIG welded with a high quality single butted 6061 aluminum tubing. The geometry of the Cheeko strikes the balance between traditional track geometry and an urban bike geometry


Built with the same construction method and tubing as the Cheeko Track. The geometry of Cheeko road is slightly compact suitable for long distance commuting without having sacrifices the comfort.


The Rambler utilizes a low temperature TIG welded construction which makes the already strong, Columbus Zona tubing, highly durable and creates a robust chrome-moly frameset.


the Rambler Road is the result of a collaboration of frame builder’s experiences to provide a geometry that is relatively sporty using Chromoly's special shock-absorbing ability to create a ride that is as comfortable as it is fast.


The amalgamation of traditional lugged constructions with a quality Clumbus Zona tubeset makes the Mondial the perfect 1" frame for the modern track.


The use of traditional lugged construction makes the Mondial road a more elegant frame. The traditional geometry is reminiscant of the days when true road bikes were steel.


Double Butted 6061 Oversized Aluminum tubing is used to build the Al Colossione with smooth weld finishing. Couple that with being made by hand, The Al Colossione is something special.


The Low Pro is constructed with proprietary 6061 Double Butted Aluminum tubing by Colossi's most skillful builders. The frame has a geometry and ultra aero tube profile that make it a pursuiter's dream.



Tubing is the skeleton of the bicycle. There is a lot of technical knowledge needed to fully understand the entirety of bicycle tubing. The majority of riders won’t know or won’t have noticed the difference unless they’ve ridden varying combinations of tubes. Within the bicycle industry there are four primary materials used: steel, aluminium, titanium and carbon. Each material offers different properties, presenting both pro’s and con’s to the builder and rider. Each material differs in cost, durability, stiffness, artistry, weight and overall feel when being ridden.

At Gear we offer both Steel and Aluminium tubing, available as production models and also as fully customized hand made frames and forks. Steel gives a frame builder more choices in construction method than any other material. There are three major methods of joining steel tubes: lugged construction, fillet brazing, and TIG welding. Aluminum has roughly one-third the density of steel, making it a lightweight material to work with. It offers a stiffness that is only matched by carbon fibre, whilst it is cheaper and easier to work with.

  • Columbus Zona
  • Columbus Life
  • Columbus SL 2009
  • Columbus Spirit
  • Columbus Spirit Kierin
  • Columbus Max
  • Columbus Minimax
  • Columbus Xcr
  • Columbus Zonal
  • Columbus Airplane
  • Columbus Starship
  • Columbus XLr8r
  • Reynolds 853
  • Reynolds 853 PRO TEAM
  • Colossi Triple Butted
  • Colossi Carambola triple butted
  • Colossi Carambola 6161 Aluminium Double Butted
  • Colossi 6061 Aluminium Double Butted
  • True Emper BMX
  • Kaisei 8630R
  • KVA Stainless Steel
  • Custom 6061 Aluminium
  • Custom 6069 Aluminium


Bicycle geometry is the specific way in which a bicycles tubes are joined, specifically the angles and lengths used. Geometry is the sum of all these numbers, both lengths and angles, that together dictate the way in which the bicycle will fit and handle. Terms often used when referring to bike geometry include, top tube length, seat tube length, head tube angle, bottom bracket height to name a few. All these factors are used when constructing a custom frame.

In a full custom build it is very important to consider the purpose of the bikes use and more importantly the rider. The geometry needs to be tailored to fit this purpose and the person. Stock frame geometry although not tailored and completely custom to your personal fit, generally speaking are a designed to have a neutral fit. Models are built with sizing incrementally increasing so that you can find your best desired fit in comparison to your body measurements.

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Tig welding is the process of using an electrode to melt filler metal creating a “bead” to join two tubes together. Tig welding requires meticulous patience and attention to detail, considered the hardest welding technique to perfect, but results in stronger, higher quality welds, translating to high build quality. Tig welding leaves behind a thick bead along the join which is more akin to modern track and road builds.


A lugged frame in contrast to a welded frame, uses an outer sleeve, or lug to join two or more tubes together. The tubing is cut to size and mitred to ensure a snug fit, to which then the lug is then fitted and brazed. Brazing involves heating a filler metal which flows between the lug and the tube. Colossi uses only silver brazing material when constructing lugged frames. A Lugged frame creates a more traditional aesthetic and treated as more of an artisan’s trade. For most of bicycles history, frames were constructed with lugs.


Pantone Paint

A pantone colour value, is an individual colour of the Pantone Matching System which is used by most of the cycling industry to specify paint colours. The Pantone Matching system is used as it is a globally consistent value, so a clear indication of colour can be seen before committing to paint.This ensures that you the customer, gets the correct colour when the frame is painted. Although the colour may distort slightly when displayed on monitor screen.


As well as offering custom paint, Colossi offers custom decals that can be applied to the frames during painting process. A decal can be a pre printed design that is transferred onto or painted directly onto the frame during the painting stage. Colossi uses a standard decal set which includes headtube badge, down tube and chainstay decals. There is also an option to provide you own custom decals to be applied onto the your frame.


In its commitment to the rider Colossi offers completely custom designed and built frame and forks. This means everything is specified, designed and signed off by you. From the tube set, frame design, construction method and paint design. This option requires a large amount of consideration and should not be undertaken lightly. We highly recommend a complete bike fit prior the design of the frame, to ensure the frame fits your perfectly. We have a list of bike fit specialists around the country and are more the happy to point you in the right direction.


If you are interested in a full custom or customised production frame, use the form to the right to get in touch with us. Please provide relevant details including your prefered frame model and any specific bike fit information you may already have