Hello 2017

First trading day of 2017 went down smoothly.  Had another visit from this fellow.  Nelfe, a Venezuelan student with a video blog.  He came in last year with a flat tyre pleading poorness.  So I fixed his flat and didn't charge for labour.  I feature in the end of this video. It was his friends bike and it has been stolen since then.  Always sad to hear of a bike theft.  

He came in with an old beater and I adjusted a few things for him and told him what would probably go first.  Actually checked out his blog and it's pretty funny.  Started blaming bicycles for his problems.  Reassured him that he should be blaming the bicycle thief and bicycles are awesome.  I think if you have a few problems with bicycles that you shouldn't turn on them.  They are wonderful machines that enable us to get around with incredible efficiency.  They just need care and to be locked up securely.  Now Nelfe is keeping his bicycle in his bedroom.